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Here’s a Rumour About the New Tool Album. Proceed with EXTREME Caution.

Metal Sucks reports on the assertions of an anonymous Reddit user that he or she has “rock solid” information that Tool will release an album called Decem this fall. What’s more, it will be a double album.

Don’t go looking for the Reddit post because it’s disappeared. Fortunately, Ultimate Guitar snagged it before it was removed.

A new report claims that Tool are gearing up to release a double album called “Decem” this fall, unveiling full track listing with a total length of over 2.5 hours.

The source noted on Reddit: “I think Tool has been leading us on in the press. I absolutely cannot reveal my sources for this. Let’s just say that the mixing process has happened.”

The individual added, along with the list of songs: “I will try to get any additional piece of information I can to try and add further validity. I’m excited too and I hope this is true. Under no circumstance will I reveal any personal information about the source.”

As you can see below, the track listing matches Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne‘s claim that Adam Jones told him no tune on the album goes below 12 minutes in length.

Should we believe any of this? Could this be part of a Tool disinformation campaign? (Hey, I wouldn’t put it past them.) Is there something in the information below that points to some greater truth? Didn’t Tool perform “Descending” on a recent tour?

Here is the purported tracklisting. Like the title of the post says, proceed with extreme caution.

Disc 1:
1. Abscissa (13:47)
2. The Awakening (12:03)
3. Gematria (Act I) (14:33)
4. Regresolution (13:56)
5. Divinotus (12:45)
6. Astral (Act II) (12:21)

Disc 2:
7. Descending (13:53)
8. Decem (12:22)
9. Lesous (Act III) (12:43)
10. Principles of March (12:01)
11. Pascal’s Wager (13:46)
12. Zeta (Act IV) (14:27)

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2 thoughts on “Here’s a Rumour About the New Tool Album. Proceed with EXTREME Caution.

  • Im intrigued and at the same time recall all of the posts prior to the 10,000 days album of reliable sources information on album and track titles. Love the depth though. Better than blurbs. Thank you.

  • That track list contains no segue’s, which Tool is likely to have many on any given album.


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