Here’s the Tool April Fool’s Joke We’ve Been Waiting For

It wouldn’t be a proper April 1 if Tool didn’t contribute something.  This comes from Fourtheye:

In a Fourtheye exclusioove I can reveal this morning that the curve ball so frequently referred to on Toolband is an in house documentary of the band titled Between Supposed Brothers. Here’s the press release:

Tool are forced to examine their nature and their very existence as drummer Danny Careyis injured during a freak dog accident and singer Maynard James Keenan abruptly leaves the group to enter a rehabilitation facility due to alcohol abuse. Tool’s management hires “performance-enhancing coach” and lachrymologist Ronald P. Vincent to help the group better understand one another as friends, band mates and human beings. The documentary follows the band in the time following the 10,000 Days tour and covers the many personal and professional ups and downs related to the writing process of their new album.

Former Tool bassist Paul D’Amour appears briefly in a scene in which, as part of Adam Jones‘ therapy, he confronts the bass player regarding the decision to fire him early in the band’s career for his excessive anger. The two had not had any personal contact for many years and D’Amour speaks frankly about his resentment stemming from his dismissal without the opportunity to redeem himself with an alcoholism treatment program. D’Amour also speaks of how, despite achieving success with his own group, Feersum Endjinn, he still endures ridicule from Tool fans, which has diminished the enjoyment of his own success.

It continues.

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