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Here’s why My Chemical Romance fans are upset with Ticketmaster this week

The My Chemical Romance reunion has been a huge financial success with sellouts across the board. However, some fans are very annoyed with Ticketmaster. Check out this tweet.

Let’s to the math. If the face value of the ticket is $289.50, the cost of two tickets before fees is $579. But if you pay on time, the total cost is $708.84 or $129.84 in fees, taxes and vig.


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5 thoughts on “Here’s why My Chemical Romance fans are upset with Ticketmaster this week

  • This was it? This was your article? Pathetic.

    • And what’s your problem with it? Or are you just a troll?

      • It’s not an article, it’s a synopsis, and barely that. Including headline, total word count of 81, eighty-one words that you couldn’t be bothered to proofread. At the very least, give two references, as is, the headline should read: One MCR fan doesn’t understand how money lending works.

        You could have gotten into Ticketmasters shady ‘official platinum’ tickets. They work Monopoly deals for selling tickets, then set aside tickets for ‘official platinum’ that are dynamically priced.

        • And…? I think I managed to cover what MCR fans are concerned about. That was the goal.

          • You didn’t, you didn’t cover it one bit. Fans were concerned about the dynamic pricing and the resellers, not this. This was one fan. Also I agree with the comment above, it isn’t even an article, it’s a synopsis of two sentences. Not journalism in the slightest.

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