Hey, Radio Listeners: Don’t Try This at Home

Things are tough in Eastern Ukraine, what with Putin being on the doorstep and all. That means sometimes you have to make your own fun.

Take these guys who independently discovered a scientific principle: plasma can be used to reproduce the sound of radio broadcasts. All you need is a plasma source. Fortunately, one can be found in the nearest weed. Just place the weed in contact with a 50,000-watt radio transmitter and stand back. As the weed sizzles, the principles of plasma turn the broadcast signal into sound.

Do NOT try this at home even without the weeds. The amount of RF radiation that’s going through the bodies of these guys must make it feel like they’re in a microwave. Then again, this is the land of Chernobyl. Plus, of course, vodka is cheap and plentiful.

Background on this story can be found here.

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