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Hip fans, get ready to add to your vinyl libraries 

The next few years will be big ones for Tragically Hip fans, as the band announced this week not one, not two, but THREE re-releases and deluxe editions. 

First, we’ll be getting a new deluxe box set of Fully Completely to commemorate that album’s 30th anniversary in October. The band announced earlier this week that the set, originally made available only on CD in 2014, will include three LPs with all the special features from the 2014 release, including the Live at the Horseshoe recording from September 1992 and additional bonus tracks “Radio Show” and “So Hard Done By.” To sweeten the deal, the new vinyl deluxe reissue will include the “Heksenketel” 1993 tour documentary remastered from original tapes and a 56-page book with five lithographs from artist Lieve Prins. 

The set will be available in stores across the country and can be purchased digitally on Apple Music and Amazon Music, or you can preorder here before the release on October 7. 

But wait, there’s more. It might be time to start reorganizing and clearing up some shelf space. 

“The Fully Completely deluxe vinyl edition is the first in a series of vinyl album release for the Tragically Hip, the band heeding the call to experience the music in this analogue quality format,” Universal Music said in the album’s announcement. “Fans can watch out for reissues of Yer Favourites, which had previously been available only on CD, as well as a brand-new boxset for Phantom Power (CD, vinyl, Atmos), leading into the bands’ 40th anniversary celebration in 2025.” 


And if that weren’t enough good news, this week the Hip were announced to be inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame a second time, honouring their humanitarian work for social and environmental justice. They were previously inducted and received a star for their music in 2002.
“For more than three decades, the Tragically Hip’s tireless activism and philanthropic pursuits have raised millions of dollars for multiple social and environmental causes, such as Camp Trillium, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Sunnybrook Foundation, WAR Child, the Special Olympics and the Unison Benevolent Fund. A quintessential band whose music captures the essence of being Canadian, they used their enormous megaphone in 2016 to shine a spotlight on the country’s systemic mistreatment of Indigenous peoples. The legacy of the band’s frontman, the late Gord Downie, continues with the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund, which aims to build cultural understanding and create a path toward reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.” 

A band incredibly deserving of this recognition and whose good works will no doubt continue long into the future. 

The full track list for the Fully Completely deluxe vinyl release is as follows:

LP1- Side A

1. Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)

2. Looking for a Place to Happen

3. At the Hundredth Meridian

4. Pigeon Camera

5. Lionized

6. Eldorado

LP1 Side B

1. We’ll Go, Too

2. Fully Completely

3. Fifty Mission Cap

4. Wheat Kings

5. The Wherewithal

6. Locked in the Trunk of a Car

Live at the Horseshoe, September 13, 1992 Recording: 

LP 2 Side C 

1. At The Hundredth Meridian

2. Fifty Mission Cap

3. We’ll Go Too

4. Fully Completely 

5. Pigeon Camera

LP2  Side D

1. Twist My Arm

2. Lionized

3. Wheat Kings 

4. Eldorado 

LP3 Side E   

1. Looking For A Place To Happen

2. Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)

3. Locked In The Trunk Of A Car

4. The Wherewithal

LP 3 Side F

Bonus Studio Session Tracks

1. Radio Show

2. So Hard Done By

Fully Completely Atmos Mix on Blu-ray and available on digital platforms: 

1. Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)

2. Looking for a Place to Happen

3. At the Hundredth Meridian

4. Pigeon Camera

5. Lionized

6. Eldorado

7. We’ll Go, Too

8. Fully Completely

9. Fifty Mission Cap

10. Wheat Kings

11. The Wherewithal

12. Locked in the Trunk of a Car

Heksenketel documentary: 

Featuring concert footage and other clips of the band and crew as they travel across Canada from coast to coast during their 1993 ‘Another Roadside Attraction’ tour.

If you got this far, here’s a bit of a bonus via Sean just for fun.

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