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Hip-Hop Festival Manifesto 11 – June 8th to 11th

The Manifest 11 Hip-Hop Festival is back in Toronto with more amazing local artists.

A little bit about this years Manifest:

“Manifesto is moving into a new decade, and we’re evolving how we do things. We’ve always been a multi-day affair in September – a week plus of back-to-back events – and we know taking all of that in even when you want to can be a tall order.
It’s important to us that each and every event, each and every participating artist, and each and every guest gets the most out of their experience with Manifesto. So, we’re flipping the script.
For the first time ever, Manifesto is expanding the multi-disciplinary program that makes up our festival across the summer, fall and winter seasons – to sustain a year-round presence as a locally-minded platform for music, art, dance, conversation and connection. We kick things off with the music festival, June 8-11. Follow us for all details.”

Live at Echo Beach June 10th

Majid Jordan

The Internet


Isaiah Rashad

Sean Leon


Matthew Progress

The Sorority

Don’t Forget about the after party and the Drake House Party



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