Saturday night, country singer Chase Rice decided that it was okay to old an old-school, crowded, no-physical-distancing concert in Tennessee. Jeezus. Stupid knows no bounds. Twitter was not pleased, either.

There’s more at Variety.

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  • Chase Rice…The BasTURD Son of Donald J Trump…

  • I agree with all of you that this was an irresponsible thing to do – no matter what my own desires are on the matter.

    First, you have to understand that I don’t do social media and I limit my news checking to no more than once a week.

    The things that I wonder are as follows:

    1. When shelter in place was the norm hardly anyone was masked save perhaps some time around May when stores and fast food places were able to get masks.

    Now that masks are commonplace, and in some (all?) instances, required, there is this mentality that if you aren’t masked that you are a menace. Or, as I experienced at one market, if you go down a one way lane the wrong way (sorry I don’t scope the floors for messages as a rule in a grocery store), then, again, something is seriously wrong with you. I find this harsh criticism part of the ugly side of our new normal: rude, aggressive overtly hostile behavior towards others.

    2. Was there an equally reactive hue and cry for those *insert your favorite expletive here* who flocked to the beaches and poolside resorts in the States? I know you all are are proportionately likely to be Canadians but I’m sure you have beaches too.

    I made the mistake of looking at the news that weekend and the picture of all those people having fun doing what they wanted to do with no repercussions hit me hard. That was before the Korea concert post and I *still* struggle with that every moment of every day when my mind is not fully occupied.

    I’m trying not to be hypocritical but I’m also trying to be realistic.Do i think things are opening too fast? Yeah. Do I think they are going to close again? Yeah. Do I think rampant hysteria is helpful? No. Do I think I’m being realistic? Mostly but sometimes fast and loose.This is tempered by spending all of my time alone or at doctors appointments or grocery stores or getting takeaway.


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