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How big is TikTok? Bigger than you might think.

What started as a small app from Chinese company Bytedance has turned into a global phenomenon. Not only is user growth continuing to skyrocket, but the platform’s reputation as a launching pad for mainstream music stars.

A new report from TikTok’s American office directed to advertisers has been leaked. It revealed the following:

  • The platform has 732 million users–and more than 14 million new users jumping on every day. If we extrapolate things from when that stat was released in October, that number is probably more like 818 million today. This means TikTok will hit a billion users in about a year.
  • That’s more than double Spotify’s total user number. However, YouTube reaches 2 billion. Still, 732 million is nothing to sneeze at.
  • An average of 100 million people reliably use TikTok every month in just the United States.
  • The average TikTok user checks in with the app 19(!!!) times a day. NINETEEN!
  • The average user spends 89 minutes per day on TikTok.
  • The demos of users are as follows: 17% are between 13 and 17. 42% are between 18 and 24. Another 22% are between 25 and 34. 12% goes to 34-44. Only 7% are over 45. No real surprise there, huh?
  • 47% of users say they bought something because they saw it on TikTok.

You can bet that every advertiser and marketer on the planet is looking at this deck.

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