How is your taste in music affected by age? Prepare yourself for this.

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One’s music taste is usually solidified early in their adolescence, with males usually finding their favorite song at age 14 and females at age 13. Music tastes can define who we are as well as our experiences in life. From changes in interest of subject matter to strong feelings of nostalgia, many things can influence your ear for music as you grow.

Memories Make Classics

Music can have a strong impact on your mind and attach strong emotional connections to songs or artists. A particular artist or song that played during an important period in your life might always stick with you regardless of how long ago it was popular. Since your teenage years are your most open with music, it’s typically the time in your life where your most impactful music memories are made. Certain songs can also remind you of a certain person or specific incident that had a serious impact on you as a person. But while some of these emotions can last a lifetime, some can also be looked back on as a phase in your adolescence. So getting that colorful tattoo of your favorite band might haunt you in 30 years, or it might be the best decision you ever made. Music ages in mysterious ways.

I’m Getting Too Old For This

Hearing your favorite songs can bring memories back, but those memories may change as you age. Sometimes we outgrow certain music genres we might have been into because of the immaturity and/or inappropriate nature of the lyrics and subject matter. Music about living a fast life with money and girls might have peaked one’s interest in high school, but odds are that the music you listen to years down the line is of a completely different message. This occurs among fans of the hip-hop genre. Original listeners lauded hip-hop as a voice for disenfranchised peoples and youth. But the 1990’s ushered in an era that glorified gun violence and narcotics distribution. With the 2000’s popularizing money and jewelry while also making significant technological advancements, multiple generations of hip-hop fans have grown with the genre. To some, only the style of their era is tolerable; while others have grown with the evolution of the music.

As Long As You’re Listening 

Music taste is about as subjective a topic as one can imagine. The things you felt when you heard lyrics relating to your life, the place you where when you first heard an artist, or the people that were around when a song was popular are all nostalgic feelings that can attach one to a certain type of music forever. Lyrics, subject matter, and technological advancements can all force one to outgrow one style of music and dive into another. As long as you’re listening though, music will always be an impactful part of life.

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