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How long will it take for Twitter to collapse? Let’s summarize things.

My guess it’ll happen slowly then all at once. You can’t lose 75% of your staff and expect the platform to keep running on its own. It just can’t.

  1. “Space Karen” is the perfect nickname for Elon Muk.
  2. Is there anyone left in the building?
  3. Could there be a massive breach of data? Absolutely. The security concerns are very, very real.
  4. I never thought of this, but there are genuine public safety concerns over a Twitter collapse. We’re all doomed.
  5. When the former head of Trust and Safety sounds the alarm, you know there’s a problem.
  6. People are tweeting full movies because the systems designed to prevent that have stopped working….
  7. …or you can just post a movie one tweet at a time.
  8. God has quit Twitter.
  9. Another important executive has quit.
  10. CBS News has quit.
  11. Things are so bad that Elon Musk is begging Donald Trump to come back now that he’s been un-banned…
  12. …but even Trump says “You’re too much of a prat for me. No thanks.”
  13. At least Alex Jones is still banned.
  14. Bottom line? Best archive your Tweets. If you can.

This dumpster fire store continues to develop. Stay tuned.

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