How to Find a Joey Ramone Street Sign

If you go to a particular corner in New York City and look up, you’ll see this.

Joey Ramone Place

The sign is placed up so high because according to the city of New York, it’s their most stolen sign. You can understand why.

Tom–a frequent contributor of stories to this site–is dispatching someone to NYC with hopes of acquiring a replica of the Joey Ramone Place sign. But that’s easier said than done.

To whom it may concern,

I am on the hunt for a Joey Ramone Place street sign. I would absolutely love to have the original sign which is attached to the streetpost at the corner of JRP & 2nd Street, Bowery, New York City, but…alas…I am a law abiding citizen and don’t want anyone to be arrested for theft.

I have seen the sign on ebay, Amazon, and other online places, but, I do have a friend who will actually be in New York City this October. She will be in the Times Square area of NYC, which, according to Google Maps, is roughly 15 minutes from the Bowery where Joey Ramone Place is.

My question is, where can one purchase a replica Joey Ramone Place street sign?

What store/vendor/kiosk in the Times Square/Bleecker Street/Bowery District area sells music related memorabilia like this?

Instead of going online to purchase the sign, I just think it would be nostalgically cool to get the sign in NYC itself, from the area where the Ramones formed & are historically known.

If anyone has any idea as to where the sign can be purchased, can you please send me a link to the store, the store’s website or contact information? My email address is [email protected].

Here is a link to the street sign itself, at the corner of 2nd Street and Bowery. Here’s another link. And another.

Thank You


Can anyone help Tom?

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