How to Get Your Music Heard by the Right People

Nine great pieces of advice from The Music Goat:

Here’s the deal:

Knowing how to get your music heard is one thing.

BUT knowing how to do it without ripping hours away from your practice and creative time is something else entirely.

If you’ve been a DIY Musician for any amount of time, I’m sure you know first hand that it is really freakin time consuming to promote music online.

You gotta create an event for this weeks gigs…

Update 10 profiles… upload that new single everywhere… update those profiles again… Mail out that EPK…


Rinse and repeat.

Eventually you lose track of why your are even making music in the first place.

Usually the mistake I see musicians making – myself included – is that they are doing to much of the wrong things. Or they are trying to do things more popular artists are doing without realizing that those strategies do not apply to them.

Sound familiar?

They end up spreading themselves way too thin, burning themselves out and throwing pity parties on Reddit about how you can’t make money in music anymore.

Addition By Subtraction

All you need to do is to stop making all the time-sucking mistakes and spend quality time focusing on the few things that really matter.

I’ll get to the things that matter below but first…

Here the 9 time-sucking mistakes to avoid:

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