Howie B Discusses His ummm Equipment

Howie B

Howie B has had the incredible fortune to work with the likes of U2, Bjork and Robbie Robertson amongst many more. In a recent interview with musicradar he discusses his long use of an old piece of Atari equipment:

You managed to hang on to the Atari for a long time. What prompted the final move to a Mac?

“Film soundtracks. I was getting offered loads of soundtrack and score work, and the Atari was sort of limiting me a bit. Doing this job involves a lot of travelling; working in other studios with other systems. I was pulling out the Atari and I could hear people saying, ‘What the hell is that?’ The Mac is easier to carry, it’s easier to integrate with other systems – I just need to turn up with my little bag and a USB keyboard, and I’m away.”

But you’ve still got the Atari in the studio? And you still use it?

“God, yeah! I’ll never get rid of it. It was the clock for several tracks on the new album, running a whole bunch of hardware. What I love about the Atari is that it doesn’t colour the sound of your music in any way; it’s just there to make everything run in time, and it does that better than any other bit of gear that I’ve ever come across. My main complaint about the move to Mac and Logic is that, every time I play a song, it seems to sound different.”

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