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I can’t look away from the Twitter sh*tshow, so here’s the latest.

Elon Musk’s operation of Twitter will go down as some of the worst business practices since…well, maybe ever. What sort of crapola can we talk about today?

The Hunter Biden info dump was a bust.

There’s just so much wrong with what (a) Elon promised and (b) what he delivered that I’m just going to send you to this article. Follow that up by reading this one. The whole thing was a flop. Even right-wingers aren’t impressed. And there are no constitutional rights when it comes to posting dick picks.

Twitter has become genuinely dangerous.

Not only is it a cesspool of racism, bullying, and anti-vax misinformation, climate change deniers are loving it. And more than 12,000 suspended accounts have been reinstated. Twitter engineers who are left have turned to automation for content moderation. How’s that working out? And there are concerns that whatever Twitter has become will lead to real-life violence.

Jack White continues to yell at Musk.

As he should. The whole thing around Ye is a mess.

Notice anything different about your Twitter timelines?

You might. That’s because Twitter is now pushing recommended tweets to everyone.

How’s Elon doing with his advertisers?

Not good. Not good at all.

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