I, For One, Welcome Our New Trans-Plutonian Alien Overlords

Who knows what lurks out there in the Oort Cloud? Maybe the remnants of the Anunnaki, the master race that fathered us all from their perch on Nibiru. Perhaps a Vulcan spacecraft is patiently waiting to spot the signature of our first warp drive. Or maybe Kang and Kodos are planning to slobber all over us someday soon.

These are but three of the possibilities that might arise when the New Horizons spacecraft blasts out a radio message from Earth once it makes its flyby of Pluto on July 14. Plans are to make this broadcast sometime in the summer of 2016.

Called One Earth Message, it’s the creation of Jon Lomberg, the guy who already invited alien visitations with the golden records put aboard both Voyager probes. In a couple of hundred years, V-ger will return to earth, morphed into some kind of massive AI-powered entity looking for The Creator. That’ll be bad.

But here’s the cool thing: this message has yet to be crafted. Lomberg and his people want to crowdsource this message. From Space.com:

The goals of the One Earth Message are similar, but the new project would be a more global and collaborative effort, asking people around the world to contribute images, sounds and ideas for this farflung “message in a bottle.”

“This is really a chance to try to think about ourselves from the long perspective,” Lomberg told Space.com. “We’ll never know if this extraterrestrial audience that we’re designing it for will receive it. But we do know that the people of Earth who participate, who play a role in it — it can literally change their lives.”

Want a piece of this? And what would you send to the stars? A message? Poetry? Music? More detail here.

Alan Cross

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