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3 thoughts on “I Like This: Slow Readers Club

  • Couldn't get 'I Ran' by Flock of Seagulls out of my head.
    I need to hear more to form an opinion.
    Thanks for this.

  • Just saw them live in Sheffield. I walked away thinking the same thing. I was working back through their catalog to find the song but was getting nowhere. Decided to use Google as a shortcut and found your post!

  • Richard, you rock. I am *so* glad you posted because I never would have seen this otherwise. I liked the song. I don’t know if I’ll like their whole catalog but the one song piqued my interest. And you gotta love those Mancunians. Some day, and I do know just how odd this sounds, I would like to go to Sheffield. It’s solely the fault of the AMs. Their first album made me feel like a teenage boy from Sheffield and totally transported me out of myself which is NOT a teenaged boy from Sheffield (so very far from it – couldn’t get any further!) But Manchester, oh how I wanted to go on Alan’s trip…the history, such history in that place. It’s not that the walls would speak but they would play music to me…

    Anyways, I’m so very glad you posted so I could pick up this ‘new’ band!


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