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One thought on “I was on this TVO panel Monday night: The changing Canadian musical identity.

  • About halfway into the video when there was the debate that CanCon provided the infrastructure the past 4 decades,for artists like Drake,The Weeknd and Alessia Cara to become successful. And the 2 women on the panel said that CanCon rules were keeping these artists down as opposed to the States. One, the US is the leading exporter of urban music, hip-hop and pop to the planet. It’s engrained in their culture, so obviously it’s going to get more exposure and get played more. Secondly, this has less to do with CanCon rules and what artists it does or doesn’t incubate and more to do what the dominant form of music is in the music industry. If acid-jazz-funk artists ruled the American airwaves, and ultimately the planet, we would now be talking about the rise of Canadian acid-jazz funk artists over the last 10 years, how one just bought a mansion on the Bridle Path, and questioning why we don’t hear more acid-jazz-funk music on Canadian radio compared to the US.


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