I wish I didn’t have to report on the Twitter sh*tshow, but the hits just keep on coming.

Again, I like Twitter. I use it a lot in many different ways. So to see it being decimated by a supposed genius who was for a time the richest person in the world really, really bothers me. I do not want to see the site fail. Here’s the latest summary of the Elon Musk sh*tshow. (Sorry, fanboys and those who believe in Elon’s weird sense of “free speech absolutism.” I’m just reporting on what’s going on. It gives me no great pleasure to do this.)

There was a global Twitter outage on Wednesday

Given that Elon fired half the staff and is working his remaining engineers to death, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened more often. It’s back to normal now, but for how long?

Musk was sympathetic. Wait, no. He wasn’t.

@chiefgyk3d I’m not rooting for anyone’s downfall but it’s all I can see happening #twitter #socialmedia #news #IT ♬ original sound – /home/chiefgyk3d

Russia considers Musk a “useful idiot.”

Great. He’s got admirers in the Kremlin. How could that possibly hurt?

There’s a new Twitter science policy that’s…well, kinda anti-scientist

I quote Elon: “[Anthony Fauci] cannot be regarded as a scientist.”

Twitter has partnered with a new anti-human-trafficking organization. But…

Yay, right? Well…

@motherboardvice Operation Underground Railroad has a long track record of misrepresenting its work. Now, it could be partnering with Elon Musk’s Twitter. #our #antitrafficking #twitter #elon #elonmusk #timballard #news #tech ♬ News / Truth Investigation / Investigation / Suspicion / Consideration(1013150) – A.TARUI

(With files from Raven)

And to top off the year, no one has lost more money this fast

Elon Musk has suffered the greatest loss of wealth in modern history.

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