If you have Apple CarPlay in your current vehicle, you’ll want to read this

As an iPhone user, I can’t imagine ever doing without CarPlay in my vehicle. In fact, if you offered me a new car and it didn’t have CarPlay, that might be a dealbreaker. This is why I’m so interested this announcement about the next-gen CarPlay, the first update since 2022.

Apple has been promising to upgrade things for a while. This week, it announced the first two manufacturers which will come with the new software: Porsche and Aston Martin, both saying that the new software will appear in 2024. It’s not unusual that they’re starting with uber-luxury brands. I seem to remember that one of the very first manufacturers to integrate the original CarPlay was Ferrari. What models? We don’t know yet. Will existing Porsche and Aston customers be able to update? I somehow think not.

So what makes the new CarPlay better? Support for vehicles functions like the radio (interesting), temperature controls, multiple screens, and better integration of existing CarPlay apps. The app will also control the gauge cluster (speedometer, tach, temperature, and so on.)

Once Porsche and Aston Martin get rolling, support will also be extended to new models from:

  • Land Rover (Same parent company as Jaguar)
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Lincoln (Ford)
  • Audi (Volkswagen)
  • Volvo
  • Honda
  • Porsche (Volkswagen)
  • Nissan
  • Ford
  • Jaguar (Same company as Land Rover)
  • Acura (Honda)
  • Polestar (Volvo–kind of)
  • Infiniti (Nissan)
  • Renault

Notice who’s missing: General Motors. They announced earlier this year that they’re dumping CarPlay integration for a new system based on Google software. Unfortunately, the new “Ultifi” infotainment system–due for a rollout in 2024–isn’t very good. Here are some early real-world reviews.

For fun, Olle supplied this list of the 10 biggest car companies. Feel free to cross-reference it with the list above.

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4 thoughts on “If you have Apple CarPlay in your current vehicle, you’ll want to read this

  • Oh, where’s the #1 automaker? Toyota is missing from the list and only GM is remarked on by the author.

    • I’m guessing they’ll be delayed like the original roll out in the Toyota lineup was. They were indignant that everyone used their terrible Entune app and eventually caved, probably when their reviews were suffering from users complaining.

  • Wow, headline should read,” if you like Apple Car Play and plan to buy a brand new luxury vehicle in the next year you’ll want to read this “ I have a 2023 new Mitsubishi with ACP that is substandard at best, dysfunctionally useless at worst. But a $100K plus new car to get the new version that hopefully works better…..I don’t think so lol

    • Exactly my thoughts. Click bait.


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