Why IKEA Is Discontinuing the Vinyl Lovers’ Favourite Shelving Unit

You may have heard about the controversy swirling about IKEA’s decision to discontinue their line of Expedit shelving, which has been one of the company’s best solutions for storing vinyl records.  As someone who has used Expedit in the past, my reaction was that of many other people, i.e. “WTF, IKEA?”

However, I’m much calmer now.  Gizmodo explains why IKEA is killing Expedit in favour of a new line called Kallax.  And it actually makes sense.

Sorry for my previous rant, IKEA.  Maybe you are still Swedish for common sense.

IKEA - Expedit vs Kallax


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One thought on “Why IKEA Is Discontinuing the Vinyl Lovers’ Favourite Shelving Unit

  • Yeah, but will Kallax fit vinyl? I’m just remembering when Imperial-size milk cartons were shown off by music collectors almost as much as the vinyl stored in them, because the medic-sized ones were too narrow for the 12″ format.


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