I’m Not a Fan of Lady Gaga, BUT…

…I do admire the forward-thinking ways of her and her manager, Troy Carter.

The album as we know it is beginning to fade away.  For decades, it’s been a retail vehicle, a product that can be sold for high margins every year or so.  And for a long time, consumers were happy with being able to buy a bundle of songs at one shot.

Napster (and then iTunes) killed that.  Although many of us still love albums, the number of people going to a la carte/one-song-at-a-time route has been steadily increasing over the last ten years.  Why spend for a full album when you can just get the song(s) you want?

And with the resurrection of the single as a cultural and musical force (cf. “Call Me Maybe,” “Somebody That I Used to Know,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “Gangnam Style,” etc.) the public’s need and want to buy full albums isn’t what it used to be.  Something has to change.

Enter Gaga and Troy Carter.  A new album is in the works–but it’ll be a different kind of album.  From her website:

Interesting.  Once she’s finished with this project, perhaps someone can instruct her on the fine art of proper capitalization and punctuation.



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3 thoughts on “I’m Not a Fan of Lady Gaga, BUT…

  • Apple has started the final assimilation.

  • you mean she's going to KEEP WORKING to make money. It's so unfair to artists nowadays. Why can't they just make an album, sit back, collect money and royalties and be worth $300 million?

  • Sounds like a cash grab to me. Everything she says people will be able to access from this app could be just as easily (if not a lot more easily) put on her website, with updates sent out via email (which most people get push notifications for if they have a smartphone that'd be capable of downloading the app).


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