The Most Important Piece of Music News You’ll Read Today: Science Proves Chickens Like to Bossa Nova

When it comes to music. these are among the slowest news days of the year. Everyone is trying to get away for a few extra days before Labour Day, so there’s precious little of substance to talk about. That’s why I’m reduced to report on the music preferences of chickens.

Yes, chickens.

Gisela Kaplan is an animal behaviorist at the University of New England and for reasons that are unknown to the universe decided to experiment with chickens and music. According to this very important work, it appears that chickens really, really like bossa nova beats. The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

When played the Brazilian beats, young chicks ran towards the sound at full pace. Their tweets were ones of happiness: sounds usually associated with finding food or being reunited with their family group.

When played the smooth, continuous legato sounds they became very chilled out. So much so they basically sat still on the spot.


“They clearly discriminate between different rhythm and have entirely different responses to it vocally as well as in motion,” Professor Kaplan said. “You can clearly see and hear the difference…It’s really very exciting, pioneer work,” Professor Kaplan said.

The article goes into some detail. Should you feel compelled to learn more, go here.

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