September 11, 2023

In a Band? How’s Your Grasp of Typography and Fonts

Need font and typography ideas? Click here.Here are my immutable rules for choosing a name for your band:

1.  It has to capture the band’s sound, image and attitude.

2.  It has to be memorable and have a long shelf life.

3.  It can’t already be taken by someone else.

4.  Everyone in the band has to agree on it.

5.  It has to lend itself to good graphic design.

I’d like to dwell on point (5) for a moment.  The Urban Link expands on the importance of typography and font choices when it comes to your band name.  Pay VERY close attention.  You want your band brand to look good, right?

What does your typography say about you? It speaks volumes about your music brand and what it stands for. As visual creatures, most people respond to the look and feel of your music’s branding as much as its sound. According to the Social Science Research Network, 65 percent of the population learn visually. Since your branding is often the first impression people will have before hearing the music, it pays to craft it in a way that best reflects your identity.

Chris Lake argues in a recent Econsulancy article that typography, at least in terms of artist or band web design, doesn’t matter as much as it once did in a world where eye-catching visuals are king. However, attractive visual elements are only a part of the complete music brand identity experience.

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