In Dave Grohl’s Cradle to Stage documentary, he visited Geddy Lee and his mom in Toronto. Watch.

Unless you go through a few subscription streaming hoops, you may not have seen any of Dave Grohl’s documentary, From Cradle to Stage. The series is based on a book by his mom Ginny who interviewed the mothers of other famous musicians. That doc features a trip to Toronto to visit with Geddy Lee and his mom, Mary Weinrib. Mary, a holocaust survivor, died this month at the age of 95.

When Dave was in Toronto, Geddy was scheduled to appear for an autograph session at Cosmo Music Fest, a massive event conducted by a music store in the north end of the city. “No problem,” said Dave. “I’ll drive!”

Imagine pulling up at an intersection and seeing this in the next lane.

From Reddit

I just happened to be at Cosmo Music Fest right outside the staff entrance when a black SUV pulled up right next to me. A man with long hair jumped out and yelled “I gotta pee!” and rushed past me through the staff entrance. Dave? Yep.

Credit: Michael Hainsworth

Here’s the clip of Dave and Geddy that day.

From Cradle To Stage – Geddy Lee and Dave Grohl at CosmoFEST from Cosmo Music on Vimeo.

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11 thoughts on “In Dave Grohl’s Cradle to Stage documentary, he visited Geddy Lee and his mom in Toronto. Watch.

  • Is it just me or does Dave Grohl seem like a REALLY nice guy? 😉

    • One of the most genuine Rock Stars living legend. He has excellent report with the fans on stage and let them play with him as well, (kiss guy) Very Humble and I love how he has a Canadian connections. Traveling to Vancouver and mixing the Nirvana live album in Brian’s Adam’s house is a good story. Playing a farmhouse with a fan on barn yard tour was good. Letting Alex and Alex Jam with them at a concert in Toronto.

  • I really hope they make this available through some other medium at some point.

  • The Geddy Lee episode, with Geddy Lee’s amazing mom is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

    All that aside….”From Cradle to Dock”? It’s all fun and games until the interns start writing the headlines.

  • This is the kind of thing we’ve come to expect ever since nice people were allowed to be rock stars.

  • Thanks for recognizing that human beings connect. (In and On the most amazing levels) I love Geddy Lee and Rush! Thanks for getting me through high school!!!
    I love Dave Grohl! Thank you for helping me through an abusive marriage!
    I have read about Geddy’s mother. I have read about her suffering. I know Geddy tried to understand his mother’s reality. I know Dave tried to understand his own reality.
    Put these two powerhouses together and this is what you get. EVERYTHING that is good and bad. (Yin and Yang)
    THANK YOU!!!!

  • I’ve gotten caught up in the Canada arm, again!

  • Rush has been the soundtrack to my life! I discovered them in 1984 as a teen and worshiped their music ever since. Niel Peart helped me through some really dark times with his lyrics and books.. Seems the finest people on the planet get taken too soon.. perhaps being a highly respectable person in this world takes the life out of the best of them?

  • I was driving to Cosmo that day to drop off my guitar for some work… I remember seeing Dave in the SUV and freaking out, I had no idea CosmoFest was going on. I wish I had a chance to say hi, the fact that I was so close to one of my music idols was insane. Sorry to read about Mr. Lee’s mom, going to check out the documentary for sure. ❤️

  • From the moment I heard Rush. Their can be no other. I thank you for the music, and so many beautiful memories that has your music has brought me. RIP Neil. Getty & Alex Rock On.


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