Indian Pop Star Receiving Death Threats Over a “Anti-Woman” Song He Says He Never Even Recorded

India has been a tense place ever since new broke of that horrible gang rape of a woman in Delhi.  Amidst the outcry and protests, music from a Punjabi rapper named Honey Singh is being singled out as “offensive” and “anti-women.”

At the centre of all this is a song called “Main Hoon Ek Balaatkari.”  Boycotts have been called for on his music.  A charge of obscenity was filed in Lucknow.  And a New Year’s Eve concert was cancelled.

Singh struck back, saying that his competitors are simply out to get him.  More to the point, he accused his critics of “raping” him.  The full quote is “I respect women…What I am going through is another form of rape.”  An unfortunate choice of words, to be sure.

Honey claims that the song was released to the Interwebs by an imposter under his name.  He says the same thing about another song.  From Indiavision:

“I completely disown both these obscene numbers. I`ve nothing to do with them. My lawyers are trying to find out who`s doing this to malign me. I`m being targeted for a rape of another kind altogether. What is being done to me is among the lowest of violation of human dignity,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “Indian Pop Star Receiving Death Threats Over a “Anti-Woman” Song He Says He Never Even Recorded

  • January 8, 2013 at 11:54 am

    got to love it when deuschbags shoot themselves in the foot. makes life so much easier for the more intelligent individuals within a population. it's like trash that takes itself out.

  • January 8, 2013 at 11:59 am

    how long until he disowns these comments? i'm guessing it'll be another "imposter" who said these things?


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