Infographic: All About Google

Launched in 1998, Google quickly rose to the top of the internet search engine world. Nearly 20 years later, it seems like the company owns most of the internet and is secretly Skynet.

Outside of the search engine, email app, and web browser, the internet giant offers over 200 products and services. Some of their products found amazing success, while others flopped horrendously and no longer exist. Colin Cieloha of and his team recently came up with an infographic about Google, gathering information about the company’s best and well-known products, its failures, and its unknown but great products.

Some basics about Google:

  • The company owns 60% of the search engine market share.
  • Annually, over 2 Trillion searches are made with an average of 2.3 Million per second
  • Available in 123 languages (including pirate)
  • 4.5 Billion active users
  • 60 Trillion indexed webpages

Let’s look at some of the music-related components of the company. Not including services like Chrome and Gmail, one of Google’s best-known products is YouTube.

  • Acquired by Google in October 2006
  • 400 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • 1 Billion users
  • 3.25 Billion hours of video watched each month
  • Over 88 countries have their own local versions
  • You can play Snake while waiting for the video to buffer by pressing an arrow key

One of their newer features when streaming music started gaining popularity, Google Play Music has become fairly successful

  • Launched in 2013, having evolved out of a service that began in 2011
  • 35 Million songs
  • Available in 62 countries for Android and iOS
  • Users able to add up to 50,000 songs
  • 5 Billion installs on Android
  • Ranked #3 in the Music and Audio Category in the UK
  • Music uses location and activity to recommend songs

Of course, like any massive company, Google experienced some major fails. For example, prior to buying YouTube, they launched Google Video in 2005, but by 2009 they stopped accepting new videos and in 2012 shut down the redundant service completely.

Google also has some hidden gems. Take Google Arts and Culture as an example. Launched in 2011, including 1200 international institutions in over 70 countries, users have access to virtual collections with artworks photographed in high resolution. You can explore everything from World Wonders to art projects to historical artifacts like ancient musical instruments.

Here’s the full infographic to check out and’s article about it.

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