Interesting: Location-Aware Radio Ads

Imagine this:  you’re driving down the street around lunchtime and the radio is on.  Up ahead is a McDonald’s.  The song ends and the station moves to playing to commercials.  The first ad you hear is one for McDonald’s, offering a deal on a Quarter Pounder with cheese meal.

Farfetched?  Nope.  Harmon-Kardon, a supplier of infotainment systems to the automotive industry and the new generation of connected cars, is working with a company called Placecast with their Aha app to do just this.  From GigaOm:

[W]hen Placecast’s geofencing technology detects you’re near an advertising partner’s retail store or restaurant, Aha will insert an audio and visual ad into its internet radio stream that will give you the option of receiving an email coupon for goods or services. The companies are testing the new ad format out with sandwich chain Quiznos in U.S. cities. As Placecast and Aha bring on more advertisers though, they will be able to target ads based not just on location, but also drivers’ tastes in music and content as well as the type of car they drive.

Cool, no?  Or a little too creepy?  There’s more, too.  Keep reading. (Thanks to Jim for the link.)

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