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This is International Podcast Day! Who Knew?

I’m a big fan of podcasts. There are five I listen to religiously when driving, jogging, walking the dog or preparing supper. I even hosted 135 episodes of a podcast called Geeks&Beats, which sadly ended when the equation “work in = money out” wouldn’t balance. But maybe we quit too soon since everywhere I turn, I’m being told that podcasting is The Next Big Thing when it comes to broadcasting. (Canadian Music Week will have a number of sessions devoted to the subject for its 2017 edition.)

And today is International Podcast Day. The Jacobs Media blog takes up the story.

It seems like there’s a day set aside for just about everything.  From Chocolate Parfait Day to National Life Insurance Day, just about every category gets its 24-hour moment in the sun.  Last month, we celebrated National Radio Day, an event that triggered a lot of readership on this blog as well as much social media activity.

But you might not be aware that today isInternational Podcast Day, an event that began two years ago.  According to the website, its mission is to “help spread the word!  IPD is devoted to promoting Podcasting worldwide through education and public engagement.” You can follow the festivities all day using this hashtag: #podcastday

There is a plethora of buzz and a growing mountain of data these days about podcasting. Whether its usage information or revenue potential, everyone’s weighing in with research to help us better define and understand the space – what it is today and what it promises to be down the road.

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6 Responses to This is International Podcast Day! Who Knew?

  1. Other than my time in the car listening to current traffic and weather, I doubt even 10% of my listening time is spend listening to live radio, it’s all podcasts now. Between “Mike and Mike in the Morning”, “Tony Kornheiser”, “Humble and Fred” and “The Dan Patrick Show”, my available listening hours are filled. These are great shows with very specific content that is online within minutes, barely any commercials, FM stereo quality and fully on my schedule.

    Live radio isn’t dead yet, but the end is coming. I barely listen, but my 20 something nieces and nephews never listen…

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  3. Ian says:

    Hey Alan, curious what music related podcasts you recommend? I thorough enjoy Sound Opinions, but would love to hear about others.

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