iOS for the Dashboard: Is It a Good Idea

As an iPhone user, I think so. But I’m biased, of course.  Brad Hill editorializes about the prospect at Engadget:

Cars are dangerous, all the more when drivers reach for controls positioned at arm’s length. Road risk is increased by the fact that many drivers seek distraction or productivity while rolling along. Multitasking while behind the wheel can be more perilous than driving drunk.

The car also represents third-party business opportunities. It is an under-served mobile environment. Many apps that work beautifully at home or in a coffee shop, such as music playback or messaging, are halting or awkward in the rolling living room of a car.

The race is on for control of the car’s infotainment systems. Apple’s recently granted patent for a touchscreen dash is Cupertino’s aim toward owning the dashboard operating system and interface, in ways that hook into the company’s device and media businesses. But thorny competition comes not only from other tech companies, but also from the car companies. And whatever victories Apple enjoys in the dashboard could ultimately be neutered by longer-term automotive tech inventions.

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One thought on “iOS for the Dashboard: Is It a Good Idea

  • July 23, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    I think advanced infotainment in the car is a good idea but with careful thought.

    1.) opening up the option for apps by 3rd party developers is key (e.g. the current infotainment options are really, really, really limited.
    2.) Absolutely DO NOT pre-wire this for iOS! iOS is now the OLDEST mobile platform out there with the WORST multitasking (e.g. NONE!) This needs to either handle multiple device integrations or be a standard microUSB & Bluetooth connection. We don't want to be locked into garbage proprietary adapters!
    3.) Like cars that auto mute the stereo until the drivers seat is buckled, the system should be able to not be manipulated while the car is moving if the driver is alone. Certainly no movies/video playing while driving if only 1 driver
    4.) Cars need 3G/4G connections to be standardized for this, with OTA updates. The only system that currently handles this is QNX.


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