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Iron Maiden’s Most Famous Album Came Out 33 Years Ago Today

Do you remember buying The Number of the Beast? I do.  From Metal-Archives:

When the average member of the general public hears the words heavy metal one of the first names they should be able to reel off associated with the genre is Iron Maiden. This band has been around now for several decades and continues to influence many a band to this day. Albums such as “The Number Of The Beast”, “Powerslave” and “Piece Of Mind” are rarely missing from people’s lists of their favorite metal albums and the band are seldom left out of a list relating to favorite bands.

Out of all of their albums the most popular would be The “Number Of The Beast”. This garnered the band a lot of attention through its controversial title track and the two highly regarded songs “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and “Run To The Hills”. It served as the perfect album for vocalist Bruce Dickinson to begin his career with the band on a high note and is one of a number of releases that many would say could contest to be the best metal releases ever. From the fast paced introduction of Invaders this album reeks heavily of grandeur and marvel and it delivers this spectacularly. Eight songs make up this forty minute slice of greatness and every one of them is more than enough to keep the listener interested.

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One thought on “Iron Maiden’s Most Famous Album Came Out 33 Years Ago Today

  • TNOTB is a great introduction to Maiden for Bruce Dickinson, but the band’s high water mark is really their next album, 1983’s Piece of Mind. Quite possibly the best metal album ever released. Definitely a Top 5 of all time. The difference? The absolutely flawless performance of new drummer Nicko McBrain.


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