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Published on August 15th, 2013 | by Larry Lootsteen


Is Bono Right? Is Capitalism the Solution?

We’ve seen a lot of Bono’s ‘save Africa’ efforts over the years. The ONE campaign, giving TEDTalks and generally annoying the populace with his endless gladhanding trying to get change moving on the continent.
More recently however he seems to have changed his tune on foreign aid and has decided capitalism is the way to go.
This article from The Independent talks of Bono’s recent visit to speak at Georgetown. In it, George Ayittey discusses how, in his TedTalk in 2007, he “made a special effort to rip into the foreign aid establishment” with Bono in the audience. He later met with Bono, who disgreed with his view. Ayittey gave him his book Africa Unchained – The Blueprint For Development.
Perhaps this was the beginning of changing Bono’s point of view? The article also focuses a great deal on Bono’s faith.

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