Is the oldest record 10,000 years old? Maybe?

While rooting through some caves in China back in 1938, archaeologist Dr. Chi Pu Tei found something very strange: hundreds of disks made of stone, some 6 inches diameter, others up to nine inches. All have a large centre hole.

Look familiar?

Not only do they look something like a modern day 7-inch single. but many had a spiral groove contained these never-before-seen hieroglyphics.

And it gets better.

The Dropa Stones, as they were called for reasons we’ll see in a second, were examined by a Chinese researcher named Tsun Um Nui who allegedly translated the strange markings.

In 1962, he revealed his conclusions to the world:  The stones told the story of spaceships that crash-landed into the Bayan Har Mountains. The beings survived but weren’t able to repair their craft. That forced them to adapt to live on a very primitive earth. This didn’t work out so well because the ETs were hunted down and wiped out by the local Han Chinese. These beings were known as The Dropa.

This, in turn, did not work out so well for Tsum Um Nui. He was subject to a lot of ridicule, forcing him into exile in Japan. He died sometime in the early 60s. To add even more mystery, some suggest that Tsum Um Nui never existed.

Meanwhile, several Dropa Stones were sent to Moscow for examination. Finding that they were composed of an unusual amount of cobalt, Dr. Vyatcheslav Saizev came up with the idea of placing the discs on a special turntable which passed an electric charge through them. He claims that they vibrated and hum with a strange rhythm.

Naturally, a whole mythology has grown up around these things. A book called Sungods in Exile, which purported to blow the lid on the whole thing, turned out to be a hoax when the author admitted to pulling everyone’s chain.

In fact, there’s probably a very good explanation for what these things actually are. Go here to have the aura destroyed.

Still, it’s kinda cool. No?





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