Is this the earliest known live video footage of a Foo Fighters gig?

This year marks 25 years of Foo Fighters. In less than one year after Kurt Died, Dave Grohl gathered some material, recorded it all himself, got a record deal, pulled together a band and started to play live.

The first Foos gig was a family and friends thing on February 19, 1995, in a private home–or, more correctly, above a boat house in Seattle. They were the entertainment at a keg party.

That was a warm-up for the first public performance, which took place at a place called the Jambalaya Club in Arcata, California, on February 23. The third show happened on March 3 in Portland, Oregon, at Satyricon. If anyone shot film or video of those first three shows, it was yet to surface.

However, we do have video for the fourth show (their third public performance), which was at the Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge Theatre in Seattle on March 4, 1995. Some amateur footage has come to light 25 years after the fact.

Here’s the setlist.

  1. Butterflies (Still not ever officially released. Also known as “Red Pellet Guns” and “Not a Fool.”)
  2. Winnebago (A future B-side and a holdover from the Pocketwatch cassette released under the name Late!)
  3. Floaty (From the debut album)
  4. Big Me (Debut album)
  5. Watershed (Debut album)
  6. For All the Cows (Debut album)
  7. I’ll Stick Around (Debut album)
  8. Alone + Easy Target (Debut album)
  9. Podunk (Future B-side)
  10. Exhausted (Debut album)

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