Is This the Weirdest Rock Petition Ever? It’s Close.

In case you haven’t heard, Rocky fans, there’s a spin-off called Creed in which is all about Apollo Creed’s son.

Who could possible have an issue with a film like this? A Creed fan, for one. As in the band Creed. And he has started at petition at demanding that MGM change the name of the film.  I quote:

The movie CREED about the son of Rocky Balboa’s deceased trainer’s son, is making it difficult, if not impossible, for the still-vital online Creed fanbase to exchange thoughts and discussion regarding band developments, song interpretation, rumors, non-erotic fanfiction, and deeper insights into the expanded Creed universe.

MGM has completely disrespected the Creedmunity by using the name of the still-popular band for their non-Creed related movie and have been stifling conversation by flooding social media hashtags and searches with non-music Creed discussion. MGM should have consulted Creed experts and online leaders before titling this movie. The Creedmunity will not be silenced.


We can make a difference. The online Creed fanbase and the discussion of this movie do not have to be enemies. We can be friends.

However I can guarantee that if MGM does NOT change the title that no self-respecting Creed fan will EVER see this movie, not even on bootleg!!!!!!!!!!

Er, “Creedmunity?” Is this for real?

Actually, it isn’t. The guy behind this petition is a writer from LA named Nick Robinson. Read about his motives at Mashable.


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One thought on “Is This the Weirdest Rock Petition Ever? It’s Close.

  • July 3, 2015 at 10:33 am

    Wait…there’s still a Creed fanbase? And there’s a reference to a “still-popular band.” Who is he talking about? I’m confused.


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