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It’s been a few days since an Oasis reunion update. What’s the latest?

If you’re a Gallagher watcher, you’ll know that for the last couple of months, both Liam and Noel have been jawing at each other over the prospects of Oasis back together. It appears that both of them are amenable to the idea but neither one wants to be the first to break.

The latest has Liam speaking on BBC Radio 2:

“Our kid [Noel] has been called many times to get the band back together. It just so happens this time he wants it is when he has an album out.

“The way I see it, I won’t be calling him, he will be calling me. I want him to call. It would be lovely for my mum. I’m not arsed about the band. It would be lovely for two brothers to be talking and for my mum. The families have not seen each other and my kids haven’t seen his kids, I haven’t seen his kids, all that would be great.

“And then maybe we could get the band back together or maybe not but that would be nice. We’ve not been in a room together for so long. The olive branch has been put out to him many times.”

Right. Okay. Noel has said this:

“But no I have not personally called him no — I’ve not got his number. I put [a reunion] out there … I mean, he should call me. He’s forever going on about it, you’d have thought by now he’d have some kind of plan.

“And if he’s got a plan he should he should speak to me. He won’t speak to me because he’s a coward. But he should get some of his people, his agent, to call my people and say, ‘look, this is what we’re thinking’ and then we’ll have a conversation about it. Until then, he’s a little bit disingenuous.”

Bottom line? Lots of talk, zero action. Still, I do get the feeling that something’s afoot, so it’s worth keeping tabs on the Gallaghers.

(All via Birmingham Live.)

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