It’s Official: A Jack-and-Coke is Now Called a “Lemmy!

Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister drank Jack Daniels and Coke like regular humans drank water, so when he doctors told him last summer that he needed to cut back on his drinking for the sake of his health, it was a tough lifestyle change. He had to made due with vodka.

Since Lemmy’s death, there has been a campaign to officially rename the JD&C a “Lemmy.” More than 40,000 people (at last count) have signed a petition to that effect.

The voice of the people has been heard. According to Metal Injection and Blabbermouth, Food & Beverage Magazine–an organization with much influence–has officially declared from now on and hereafter until the heat death of the universe, the JD&C will, in fact, be called a Lemmy.

Lemmy JD-C copy

The only thing that gives me pause is the lemon peel. I don’t think Lemmy would want something as healthy as fruit in his drink.

Spread the word. If you’re a bartender or server, please correct your customers who order JD&Cs–it’s the law, I think–and before long, we’ll see it listed on the paper placemats at Chinese restaurants.

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