How Janet Jackson Benefitted from Trump’s “Nasty Woman” Comment

While Donald Trump might brag about not paying his taxes and therefore keeping all of his money to himself, he probably didn’t expect one of his comments during the third presidential debate to make money for someone else. After calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman”, Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” saw a massive spike on Spotify.

From Yahoo Music: “According to the streaming platform, the song’s popularity increased by 250 percent, with Spotify attributing the increase to Trump’s comment”.

An article from NPR discusses the meaning behind Jackson’s song and draws some interesting parallels between it and Hillary’s campaign and how feminists turned Trump’s insult into a rallying cry. Additionally, some creative people, like Ted Rutherford, aka Vanilla Gorilla, made cool mashups of the two women.

Of course, with the internet being the weird and wonderful place that it is, of course someone had to go and create a mash-up video of Trump saying “nasty woman” over Jackson’s song. That probably helps with even more people streaming “Nasty”.

I’m sure Trump isn’t too happy about accidentally making someone else a fair amount of money.

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