Johnny Lydon Finds Himself Trending for the Wrong Reasons

Johnny Lydon appeared on Good Morning Britain to plug his new book. Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored. Naturally, Johnny was his outspoken self, stating his approval of Brexit and offering a semi-defence of Donald Trump.

The Interwebs went a little berserk over these assertions with some accusing Johnny of drifting over to the alt-right. But let’s stand back and look at what was said.

  • Yes, Johnny disputed that Trump is a racist. That’s worth discussing.
  • However, Johnny has always been a professional contrarian. He reserved most of his praise for Trump as a guy who is sticking it to other politicians, something that Johnny has been doing since he was 20. He likes anyone who can fuck up the status quo. That alone doesn’t make him a Trump supporter.
  • Johnny and Trump friends? A joke, surely, to shock the execrable Piers Morgan, right? Right?
  • Or maybe conservatism is the new counter-culture?

Alan Cross

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