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Jon Schaffer of the power metal band Iced Earth is now on the FBI’s Most Wanted list

Gee, when you storm the seat of government bent on damage, mayhem, and worse–and when the whole thing was caught on cell phones and security cameras–did you not expect to be identified and sought by the authorities?

Jon Schaffer, guitarist of Iced Earth, was apparently part of the mob that broke into the Capitol. He even appeared on camera giving an interview talking about the potential violence that day.. That’s landed him on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Nice work, dude. And you’ve managed to alienate a lot of fans, too.

That’s him in photograph #25 in the blue coat.

Here’s the full Twitter post.

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4 thoughts on “Jon Schaffer of the power metal band Iced Earth is now on the FBI’s Most Wanted list

  • They’re so opposed to wearing masks that they didn’t wear them even when doing something where they would have worn masks without the pandemic.

  • People are going to do what they do, especially musicians, when they are pushed into a corner of compliance.

  • Also if you cant see that the government is corrupt and the need has been Twisting shit since it was a thing you are a fool. Wake up.
    I am sure there’s a lot worse people. But since it was Congress and not a missing child or cartel drug dealing maggot or a psychotic murderer the FBI is right up their ass and going to do everything in their power to get this bad bad man that was sticking up for the United States of America. Not so much Trump not so much all the other bullshit you think that goes to everyone’s head but for the values of this country. It isn’t no fear none of it is as much as they like to try to say it is

  • schaffer the big heavy metal tough guy couldn’t take it inside. Spent his whole 89 days (whoa ,long time) in seg with the punks and the rats. What a man!! Then went crying to the judge “they were throwing poop at me and they said they’ld kill me! ya gotta let me out judge please,please, please?”So now he’s back home with mom (and the kids?) Well,at least the DA’s asking for 4 1/2 years (his lawyer says 3 1/2) Ah, 1st offence, he’ll be out in ayear or so. Hope they don’t pelt him with poop too much LMFAO!! He’ll probably ask for seg for his whole bit!! What a whiny little b…. uh, guy!!


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