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Doubt the JUNOs? Here’s Some Statistics That Show How Much They Mean To Artists in Terms of Potential $$$

Cute little Canada with its adorable award shows, right? How could it ever stack up to the States and their Grammys and Oscars and whatnot? Well, despite the smaller size of our fair nation, our awards shows can still pack a bit of a publicity punch. The JUNOs are capable of churning interest around included artists, which is exactly why they agree to perform. Appearing on the JUNO broadcast means people will probably check you out, and some recently released statistics prove exactly that.

Nielsen Music is the official data provider for the 2017 JUNOs, with software able to track physical and digital sales and online streams worldwide. The company shared their metrics from this year’s JUNO awards, comparing streams from the weekend of the ceremonies (March 31 – April 2) to the weekend before (March 24-26). Check out the numbers below:


Other than the Leonard Cohen album, each song in the above list was performed by the artist at some point during the JUNO award ceremonies this year. Even Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69, originally released in 1984, saw a huge boost!

Some of the artists’ sales figures saw big bumps as well after the JUNOs, with the stats once again supplied by Nielsen. This batch of figures compares the difference between daily sales on the night of the main broadcast, April 2, versus the day before.


  • Shawn Mendes – Mercy: Fan’s Choice award winner. Song sales up 21%.
  • The Strumbellas – Spirit: Single of the Year award winner. Song sales up nearly 200%, album Hope sales up over 150%.
  • July Talk – Picturing Love: Alternative Album of the Year award winner. Song sales up 189%.
  • Ruth B – Lost Boy: Breakthrough Artist of the Year award winner. Song sales up 230%, album Safe Haven up 875%!
  • Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69: co-hosted alongside Russell Peters. Song sales up 206%.
  • Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful: Pop Album of the Year award winner for Know It All. Song sales up 72%, album up 140%.
  • Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker album: Album of the Year and Artist of the Year posthumous award winner. Album sales up 118%.
  • Billy Talent – Afraid of Heights: performance of the song boosted sales up 255%.
  • Dallas Smith – Side Effects: performance of the song boosted sales up 137%.

So there you have it! The JUNOs clearly have a huge impact on an artists’ exposure, making performing at the awards ceremony (or just winning some, in the case of the late Leonard Cohen) a worthwhile trip. So if anyone around you ever doubts the worth of the Canadian award that could – show them these numbers!

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