Just what we need: An Alexa-powered toilet

Here at CES in Las Vegas, you can always count on finding lifestyle products that no one needs. The best example I’ve seen so far is Kohler’s Alexa-enabled toilet.

You read that correctly.

From Digital Trends:

The Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet exists in a space somewhere between luxury and excess. According to the company, the toilet has practical features like water efficiency checks that make sure you’re never using more water than necessary.

It has convenient features like smart lighting that makes it easy to see your way around the bathroom even in the dead of night — and those lights are interactive, multicolored, and dynamic so they can adjust to the setting.

It even has personalized cleansing functions that make sure the toilet is set to your specifications, including a heated seat and drying functionality.

Great. So where does Alexa come in?

If, for example, you’re sitting there and you have a question, you just ask the toilet. Alex will respond through a couple of high-quality speakers.

And that’s not all. You can run all your Alexa-enabled home automation from right there on the john. Best of all, if you need some mood music, just ask the toilet for your favourite pooping playlist. Not only does it start to play your favourite tunes, but the toilet’s built-in lights will pulse with the music.

How much? Just $7,000 USD for white and $8,000 for black. You probably want a couple, right?

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