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Justin Bieber Behaves Like a Dick at His Deposition

TMZ acquired this footage of Justin Bieber being deposed over a lawsuit filed by a photographer who says Justin sent his bodyguards after him.  Take a look.  What a douchebag.

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4 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Behaves Like a Dick at His Deposition

  • What really is Bieber trying prove?
    If he’s trying to prove he is a moron, he keeps scoring in spades on that count!

  • this kid is an embarrassment to Canada now. we need to ignore him and let him fade away like Kajagoogoo….

  • He’s just giving them what they want. The lawyer clearly wants to sensationalize this whole thing by asking completely irrelevant questions, so Bieber is letting him have what he wants….a news story. As long as we’re all talking about him, he’s going to be making money.

    If being a celebrity means that you’re always going to have your privacy invaded, and every aspect of your life under the microscope just for doing what you love, then maybe people should start using similar arguments for paparazzi. If you’re going to continually invade the privacy of others and make every waking moment a nightmare for someone, then getting beaten up and harassed and assaulted is just “part of the gig”.

  • Do you blame him? Yes,he’s an asshat. But he’s also a celebrity, and that means the courts won’t touch him. What lind of sentence will he get here? Suspended probation? 40 hours of community service? A small fine?

    He’ll get a slap on the wrist and he knows it.


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