Justin Bieber is in Trouble…Again

Although he has claimed to have turned a new leaf, it still doesn’t shock me much when Justin Bieber finds himself in hot water. Not only has he been banned from touring in Argentina, but Rolling Stone reports that he is also being sued for defamation by a promoter in Montreal.

Currently on his Purpose tour, the Biebs’ next stop was supposed to be in Argentina, but according to Hollywood Life, the country told his management that he is not welcome. The reason? The last time he visited, just last year, he allegedly mopped a floor with the national flag. Definitely not the smartest move.

Hollywood Life editor Bonnie Fuller also notes that: “the 22-year-old musician posted a series of tweets apologizing to his loyal Beliebers that he has been told he can’t come back to their country right now and that he hopes things change. We’re not exactly sure why but this comes on the heels of Justin tossing the country’s flag outside his car window in NYC on May 6 after a fan threw it at him”.

To make matters worse for the young musician, New York Daily News said “Justin Bieber ruined a Canadian company with a ‘single tweet,’ and now it’s too late to say sorry”. Team Productions argues that Bieber destroyed its new business when the singer allegedly lies in a tweet last August. The company hopes a Montreal court will award them $650,000CAD in damages.

Apparently Bieber and Team Productions had a deal for the singer to perform at Montreal’s Beachclub on August 22, 2015, and the dispute occurred over an agreement that Bieber would promote the event on his social media.

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