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Kanye West Isn’t the Only Musician in Hospital This Week. Butch Vig Isn’t Well, Either.

As I type this, Kanye West is in hospital in LA, apparently under a psychiatric hold after an incident at his trainer’s house yesterday afternoon. There’s plenty of salacious coverage on other sites, so I’ll leave them to it.

Instead, I’d like to draw your attention to Butch Vig, drummer for Garbage and the producer behind Nevermind and many other great records. Garbage is booked to tour Australia but Butch will not make the trip because of health issues. According to singer Shirley Manson, he’s not been well for most of the year.  She told The Music:

“He’s had severe sinus problems that have just kept recurring. He tried coming back out with us on the west coast of the [United] States and he just got sick again almost immediately. It’s a bummer, but he’s going to have surgery and that will hopefully clear it all up once and for all.”

Anyone with sinus issues will tell you that they’re tricky to properly diagnose and treat. The pain associated with them can be tremendous. Sufferers liken it to nails being driven through your face around your eyes. Surgery is usually the last resort and isn’t always effective.

Here’s wishing Butch a speedy recovery.

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