Kathleen Edwards Quits Music and Opens a Coffee Shop Called Quitters

I’ve always been a fan of Kathleen Edwards–and the next time I’m in Ottawa, I’m definitely going to her coffee shop. There was a big story in the Toronto Star yesterday.

Somewhere, out there, past the big-box stores and strip malls of suburban Ottawa, there’s a little café with a big story behind it. That’s because it belongs to Kathleen Edwards, celebrated erstwhile singer-songwriter and current barista-in-chief.

Its name? Quitters.

“For all the people who dared me,” says Edwards, a knowing smile on her lips.

It’s a chilly mid-November afternoon, and the floor-to-ceiling windows facing out onto the downtrodden historic main street of this small-town-turned-exurb are frosted over with condensation. Inside, though, warmth all around: Small groups cluster under the glow of Edison bulbs, seated on vintage-shop furniture. Edwards is cheery and upbeat, serving top-notch espresso and home-made cookies and muffins, which she’s taken to baking herself.

What she’s doing here, after years of playing bigger shows to bigger crowds from one continent to the next, is the story of the café’s name.

In January 2012, Edwards released Voyageur, her fourth album. It was an important building block in her rise up the musical hierarchy, building on steady successes while pushing herself toward new horizons.

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One thought on “Kathleen Edwards Quits Music and Opens a Coffee Shop Called Quitters

  • November 30, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    It would be a perfect location for a Geeks & Beats live show ….. Plus I could walk there from my house.


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