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Keith Richards Featured in BBC Two Movie

In July, Keith Richards will be fronting a BBC Two movie called Keith Richards –  The Origin Of The Species. Directed by Julian Temple, Richards journeys back to his childhood in the post-war era. The movie is the centrepiece of the BBC’s My Generation season.

Music News reports: “By reclaiming for the first time on film his suburban roots, Keith Richards – The Origin Of The Species explores the impact he has had on how we all live our lives today”.

In the movie, Richards states that at the end of the 50s and beginning of the 60s it felt like a change was coming. Music News adds:

“In the film, Keith’s visceral journey through the deprivations of those post-war years allows him to speak with hard-fought experience and unique authority on the wider preconditions of the 40s and 50s – rationing, austerity, the beginning of the National Health and the end of National Service among them – which fed into those attitudes and emerging lifestyles that finally achieved critical mass in the early 1960s”.

Following Richards’ coming of age, the movie ends when the Rolling Stones begin. It also looks at cultural undercurrents that became the catalyst for the explosion of English rock in the early 1960s.

Keith Richards – The Origin Of The Species is not the only thing that the aging rocker will appear in this year. In September, he will curate a weekend’s worth of programming for BBC Four. Called Keith Richards’ Lost Weekend, it features two nights of programming hand-picked by Richards himself. This programming could include documentaries, movies, and live performances. Both nights will be introduced by the rocker who will discuss the reasons behind his choices and the inspiration.

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