Kindercore Reissues Their Synth Cover Album of Guns ‘N Roses Appetite for Destruction Album

Since Guns ‘N Roses is officially back, Ruby Isle is reissuing their 2009 synth cover version of GnR’s Appetite for Destruction. If you’ve never heard of this album, you’re not alone. From the press release:

“It basically came down to two choices,” says co-founder Dan Geller, “we’d either make a synth-pop cover of a hair metal album, or become a hair metal band and cover Erasure. It was a decision that ultimately broke up the band.” Days later, In a tiny studio in the basement of a church in Minneapolis, they transcribed Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction into synth parts. It would be a decision that would ultimately break up the band.

Kindercore released the album on a Tuesday and pulled it on a Thursday. It was rumored that Axl Rose had found out about the album and threatened legal action. That was untrue. It was also rumored that Ruby Isle was hired by Slash and the original members of the band to as a coup against Axl Rose. It was even rumored; Ruby Isle was Slash and Duff. That was untrue. Geller then went to India for work and got food poisoning on the plane. That is entirely true.

The few critics who heard the record were split. But years later, Metal Sucks said of the album; “…it’s not terrible! I suspect a lot of you will hate it anyway.”  Despite tempers rising, they performed a record release show in Minneapolis without any records, and then disbanded.

“We could have written another album of originals, but at the time, a weird cover album seemed to be the most meta. Not metal, meta. It was a decision that ultimately broke up the band.” Says co-founder Mark Mallman “We’d fought so much by the time it was finished, so were we. I remember once Dan threw a chair at me, all the way from Georgia.” He was unhurt by the chair throwing, but ultimately; it was a throwing that would break up the band.

Upon the announcement of the reunion of the original line up of Guns N’ Roses, Kindercore Records presents “Ruby Isle: Appetite for Destruction: The Gold Edition” This deluxe edition has been remastered from the original 192k MP3 files, and is much louder than the original version. Gold Edition also includes a new Ruby Isle cover of “November Rain” that clocks in at half the length of the Guns N’ Roses version.  The band has agreed that if they do reunite, they will only do so dressed as the Marx Brothers.

Well. We should listen, shouldn’t we?

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