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Laurier University is adding a “music industry ecosystem certificate”

Here’s a list of things too many musicians skip: A lawyer; an accountant; a manager. It might be a matter of finances (pennywise pound foolish, people), but it’s also because musicians have no idea how the business of music works.

Laurier University’s Faculty of Music seeks to come to the aid of music students with a new course called “Navigating the Music Industry Ecosystem.” The goal is to offer students a chance to become literate in the way of the business of music.

These are some questions that will be answered:

  • How does a song become a hit?
  • How do artists get paid? How to royalties work?
  • What does a publisher do?
  • What does a manager do for a band?
  • Why would I need a lawyer?
  • What are the questions that need to be asked before signing any kind of contract?
  • How do I budget for a career in music, which is essentially a form of gig economy?
  • What is sync licensing?

Together with Music Canada and CONNECT Music Licensing, the course will be laid out like this:

  • MU225: Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry (launching Spring 2023)
  • MU226: Monetizing your Musical Creations — Royalties and Licensing
  • MU227: Record Deals and Music Production
  • MU228: The Business of Being a Professional Musician

Who can take this course?

  • This is an online two-credit undergraduate certificate open to all Laurier students
  • Individual courses are available for credit as electives to all Laurier students
  • Non-Laurier students can take the course in a not-for-credit way through Continuing Education.

This is just the beginning, too. There are plans for a part two to this certificate course.

Learn more here.

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