Lemmy Featured in PSA

Musicians are often featured in Public Service Announcements. Using popular and well-known musicians can really help raise awareness for a cause. Some are more comical like this PSA of Geddy Lee giving out tobogganing safety advice. Others are much more serious, like this Bruce Cockburn PSA about suicide prevention. Late Motörhead rocker Lemmy is featured in a new PSA about a serious matter.

Alongside Nikki Sixx, Nick Carter, and Mark McGrath, Lemmy helps Rockers United raise awareness about human trafficking. Nikki Sixx mentions the terrifying statistic that “One million children a year in the US are kidnapped and forced into a life of sex slavery”.

Rockers United was created by rock photographer Kevin Estrada (not to be confused with a Canadian hockey player by the same name). Recently, Estrada affirmed that “Human trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in the world today, second to drug activity. This is tragically happening to nearly two million girls worldwide every year”. The statistic is frightening and maybe this can be changed with the help of well-known musicians to push the cause.

In other Motörhead news, the band is releasing their live album Clean Your Clock later this month. This album is from Lemmy’s final tour last year. Additionally, TeamRock announces that Lemmy’s life will be celebrated at this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods on June 13 in London.

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  • May 11, 2016 at 7:59 am

    My favourite musician PSA has to be Jeff Healy telling people that he doesn’t drink and drive 🙂


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