Lessons for the indie musician: Greg Haplin’s “Notes From a Bedroom” coming to a bigger stage

Montreal based musician Greg Halpin makes sweet music in the bedroom. No really, he recorded an album in his bedroom.  We’re being taken back to our younger years of playing music with his documentary ‘These Beds Together’.

Where did you practice playing when you were young? If you’re like me, you skulked away to your bedroom to save mom and dad from the sometimes awful and cringey sounds that go along with learning an instrument. Band practices in high school – if they weren’t in a musty garage – were four to five guys crammed into a single person bedroom with all our instruments. And honestly, it was a great, albeit sweaty, experience. ‘These Beds Together’, as well as Halpin’s first solo acoustic album ‘Notes From a Bedroom’ brings the well known intimacy of a bedroom jam space to a wider audience.

THESE BEDS TOGETHER trailer from Matt Raudsepp on Vimeo.

‘Notes From a Bedroom’, was recorded on tapes (Go analog!) in Halpin’s own bedroom. While definitely not the first musician to create an album in their room, the connected tour takes the concept to the next level. Most people dream of playing on the big stage. For Greg Halpin, the big stage in a small bedroom. To showcase his album, he toured all across North America playing in people’s bedroom, keeping the intimate feeling of the album alive in performances. Listening to the album, I can’t think of a better type of music for a close-knit bedroom concert.

Sound cool? It is. Now that the bedroom tours have come to a close, Halpin is bringing his music to a less cramped venue in Toronto. On June 16th, ‘These Beds Together’ will be premiering at Small Music World with a celebratory concert will follow the screening. If you need any convincing, you can listen and support his album here. I mean come on, what kind of Canadian doesn’t enjoy a nice acoustic guitar?

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